Cycles Of Insanity

from by Exiled In Eden

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Slam Death song with brutal aussie lyrics


Spreading throughout my insides
Limbs acting out vile acts on their own volition
My desires growing from within

Fucking her asshole has bored me
And her screaming is so fucking annoying,
So i grab my handy coles plastic bag
And shove it over her ugly mug

I feel it comming, i am
My sweet cream fills up her ass
Orgasmic euphoria at last
Lack of oxgen makes her shake
Whole body begins to quake
Her last breath ill take

She gasps and coughs
Knife inserted into her neck
Cautious of corrotted arteries,
To puncture trachea
I hear her gag on her own blood
That makes me fucking hard
I'm comming again
I'm comming again

As for her friend ive locked in a cage
Ball-gag in her mouth muffles her cries
Its titillating, time for the big guns
I glare at the dying sluts friend-
As i drag her mate to the band saw
I reckon i can get a good months feed out of this chick
Bit by bit i sever limbs
Little tin snips for her digits
Fuck me i'm getting good at this

I filet her cunt meat with a razor,
Careful not to waste any
Fuckin hell mate this is some hard yakka

They called me a fat loser with a shit beard
But after rohipnol they were craving my pole
Bet they didn't expect this to end so well for me
I fucking love Fridays
Maybe i'll crack another can
Take this cunts head with me
So i can face fuck while I get me a tinny
You fucking cunt Sarah
You forgot the beer you fuckwit
Jesus Christ you're fucking useless
Get in the cage

I slam her clam and blood pisses everywhere
She screams as my cock gapes her hole
I know Sarah likes it rough
So I beat a brick over her head


from Kenopsia, released December 24, 2015
Tristan Brouwer: Drums, Clean vocals
Seth Brady: Guitar
Kaleb Doherty: Guitar, Backup Vocals
Mikey "Big Mike" Lovejoy: Bass
Zachary Bergholtz: Main Vocals, Lyrics



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Exiled In Eden Brisbane, Australia

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